We're "Dead-icated" to Fun

Order your Zombie Horde Birthday Party from our secret lab in Bossier City, LA today!

Give your child a birthday celebration they'll never forget. When you order a Zombie Horde Party Pack from E. Ville Laboratories today, your guests will get tons of darts, targets, goody bags, and more. You can create a zombie-hunting scene in your own backyard! Let their imaginations run wild with targets shaped like zombies and brains.

You'll get everything you need to set up a great party. Sign up online today to reserve your party pack. Our lab is based in Bossier City, LA, but we ship our party packs nationwide.

Zombie Party Packs Starting at just $14.99/person

Zombie Party Pack for 5

Zombie Party Pack for 10

Zombie Party Pack for 20

Battle The Horde!

Battle The Horde!

Make your party come alive

Our one-of-a-kind Zombie Horde Party Pack has everything you need to give your child the ultimate zombie party experience. Each pack includes:

  • blaster darts
  • safety glasses
  • zombie targets
  • bandanas (two styles!)
  • goody bags

Our Zombie Horde Party Pack starts at just $14.99 per person, plus shipping. We'll also include game suggestions, party preparation ideas, and we now offer custom blasters. Check out the gallery for more party ideas.  Our party packs are created in our secret lab in Bossier City, LA.

Custom Cobra Blaster

The Custom Cobra blaster from E.Ville Labs is just what you need to battle, Zombies, Aliens, or Monsters.

Each blaster is hand painted and a one of a kind custom Cosplay creation.
They each come with 20 standard foam darts.

Cobra Blaster (one)

$14.99 each

Cobra Blaster Party Pack of 5


Cobra Blaster Party Pack of 10


Cobra Blaster Party Pack of 20


Family Blaster Pack for 4

Family Pack

Sometimes you just need to have fun. Our custom blaster family pack is the answer. You get 4 custom blasters, 40 foam darts and 5 Zombie targets. Everything you need for a day or night of fun for the family.

Family Blaster Party Pack for 4

$49.99 (plus shipping)