Promo Pack $19.99

Promo Pack $19.99

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The best place to see ideas from our customers. Check out how they are battling the horde. New game ideas, table setups and more.

zombie horde party, bossier city la

Design Your Own Zombie Birthday Party

Custom zombie birthday packages with cosplay guns designed by event planning specialists

A Horde of Zombies has escaped from our lab in Bossier City, LA and they're headed your way. Invite your friends and tell them to grab their favorite blaster and come on over to defend the house. It's up to you to Battle The Horde.

You don't want your child's birthday party to be like everyone else's party-give them a celebration they'll never forget with E. Ville Laboratories. We create custom birthday party packages that will bring their zombie-hunting fantasy to life. When you order our items for your party, you can get custom blaster cosplay guns and a variety of fun targets to shoot, such as monsters and zombies.

Our Battle the Horde Zombie Birthday Party is just $14.99 per person, plus shipping, and we will deliver to your door.
Our party pack includes everything else you will need to have a great time!

It's all good (scary) fun

It's all good (scary) fun

Count on E. Ville Laboratories to bring the fun and entertainment to your next birthday party. We carry all of the items you need to throw a fun and exciting bash, including:

  • Complete zombie birthday party packs
  • Goody Bags
  • Darts
  • Saftey Goggles
  • Zombie Targets
  • Bandanas
  • And so much more!

We have party packages for 5, 10, and 20 people or more. You'll get tons of blaster darts, zombie targets, goody bags, bandanas and safety goggles! Sign up online today for bonus gear we will include in your first order. Get everything you need for an unforgettable celebration.

Adults deserve to join in on the zombie-hunting action, too. Our zombie horde gear is perfect for weddings, corporate retreats or family functions. We also sell cosplay guns. E. Ville Laboratories is based in Bossier City, LA, but we can bring the fun to any party nationwide.

Plan a birthday party and we'll ship everything from our secret lab in Bossier City, LA

Plan a birthday party and we'll ship everything from our secret lab in Bossier City, LA

Just invite your guests and let them know the zombie horde is attacking your birthday party. Tell them to grab their favorite blaster and head over, and then let the party begin.

You'll get everything you need to throw a great party. Load up with tons of ammo, safety goggles and bandanas, and you're ready for battle!

But first, it's picture time. Take photos to show your friends and family (and so you can remember who didn't survive the zombie attack). Next, hit the shooting gallery to practice your aim, choose sides and play team against team. You can also defend the brain so you'll have food to keep the zombies away-it's our version of capture the flag.

Play as long as you like-there's no time limit! You can hand out the goody bags and let your guests take some ammo home. Use spare darts to decorate cakes or cupcakes. We'll send you plenty of supplies. We'll also include a set of game suggestions, so you can take full advantage of this unique zombie birthday party feature.

Unlike most parties, you can set up the Zombie Horde Party Pack inside or outside-anywhere you want. And don't forget to share your pictures with us so we can post them on our website for everyone to see.

We're a party planning company based in Bossier City, LA, and we ship our products nationwide. Contact us today to order for you next event.

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